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With modern equipments for Container handling services including Reach Stackers and Gantry Cranes in total area of 5 hectares, we provide customers a full range of services with more preferential policies customers. Therefore, Long Binh Logistics Depot has attracted many important clients such as Nippon, Yusen, Kaisha, (NYK) Shipping...

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Our intensive global network of offices, along with our long standing carrier partnership for both air and ocean ensures we can cover your every logistics needs from and to any location worldwide. Especially, with helpful support from Customs Department in Dong Nai Province, LBL has gained trust and attracted more customers in the area....

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LBL develops customized warehouse and distribution solutions to meet the requirements of individual customers, while providing a wide range of activities and our system delivers real time visibility on inbound and outbound movement, order status, inventory and performance measures: Bonded Warehouse,.Non-Bonded Warehouse, CFS Warehouse....

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Our flexible and countrywide network is tailored to fulfill customers delivery services requirements. We provide variety of solutions for your transportation including: Less Than Truck Load, Full Truck Load, Multiple Drops Distribution, Pool Distribution/Consolidation, Full Container Load, Cross Border

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