Air Freight

Posted by quantri

LBL has many years of experience in the field of domestic air transport, receiving bookings for bulk goods, guarantee the accuracy of the time and place of delivery / receipt of goods.

Air transport is considered to be one of the fastest form of transport but cost the most expensive compared to other forms of transport. Understand the worries and concerns of customers about shipping costs, LBL always put the needs of customers on the head and made with competitive price, best suited to help customers be assured of the quality of service.

Currently, LBL associated with reputable airlines Vietnam Airlines, VietJet … and domestic transportation of goods such as fresh food, frozen, conventional items …
1. Survey goods: Immediately after receiving a phone call from our customers, we will immediately send people to to examine the number and volume of goods more or less and offer packaging methods, Campaign most appropriate move.
2. Quotation: Once the goods have been examined, we quickly provide the most appropriate shipping price for customers.
3. Customer Consultant: In addition to survey and quote, professional staff, in our enthusiasm to advise customers about the goods, packaging, transportation, time away … Star for convenience and best.
4. Form of shipment: Currently, we have two forms of receipt / delivery: Airport – Airport & receiving / delivery (airport to airport, door to airport, airport to door, door to door). Depending on the needs of customers, we will freight safely and on schedule best.

* LBL provider and schedule to ensure appropriate rates, in accordance with the specific requirements of each customer. With a staff of professional customer service and experience in dealing with situations arising rapidly in air transport, the ability to keep the place even in the peak season.