Cargo Insurance

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Transporting goods trade is a fundamental step in the process of manufacturing and trading of all businesses. Loss or damage to goods during transportation is inevitable, and in some cases can cause serious impact to business operations of the business. With these solutions a comprehensive cargo insurance, LBL is ready to provide financial guarantees for businesses against risks in the course of commercial freight.

Cargo Insurance is insurance for the risk of loss from the external cause, material injury to the insured goods, occurred during the transportation (and / or temporary storage during shipping) made by any public means of transport within the territory of Vietnam.

Join Cargo insurance program’s financial Insurance Agents, Customers will receive the support and counseling services with dedicated, outstanding facilities:
● consultancy services customers 24/7.
● comprehensive coverage, flexibility.
● The conditions and terms of insurance according to international standards.
● The procedures for complaints and compensation quickly, professionally.

Network assessment and risk assessment according to international standards, a member of the dealer network is ready to support customers around the globe, and be present at all seaports, river ports nationwide.

At SAS Holdings, we offer the following package:
● Insurance of domestic freight.
● Insurance of imported goods.
● Depending on the needs of business and financial budgets, businesses can choose to participate in “Cargo insurance” in two forms:
1. Insurance per trip.
2. Insurance available under open all year.

The scope of the LBL implementation:
● Since the start of goods transported under the covered trip, and ends when the goods are unloaded from transport vehicles last insured itineraries.
● Goods transport within the territory of Vietnam.
● The risk occurs during transportation by road, waterways, airways.
● Risks occur during temporary storage in the transport journey anywhere in the world.
● Expanding coverage for moving goods while internal storage, or risk combinations.
● Insured Risks depend on the provisions of the insurance terms.
● procedures for insured goods at the financial agent.
● Complete the required information on the paper cargo insurance (in the form of LBL).
● Send direct insurance proposal form or send via Email, Fax.
● After receiving the required insurance certificate with full information, we will quickly grant application for insurance and insurance contracts signed with customers.