Customs Brokerage

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Customs declaration is one of the important stages in the process of export – import goods, the customs declaration requiring the flexibility of experienced staff to handle the problems that arise and the system pages modern equipment in service delivery work most quickly. Meet customer demand, customs brokerage services of our company more and more perfect and has contributed in no small part to promote the strong development of the company.

By staffs of many years of experience in the field of customs procedures, LBL can help customers handle the complexities encountered in border control procedures and customs regulations for both goods and export goods at ports as well as at the destination.

We receive completed documents, customs declaration procedures: FCL, LCL, with all types:

E-customs services:
● Account Registration e-customs.
● Consult electronic customs software.
● Declaration of electronic declarations.
● Fixed electronic declarations.
● Cancel electronic declarations.
● Opening processing contracts.
● Extension of outsourcing.
● Opening the list of imported raw materials.
● Opening the export of raw materials category.

Customs Service Tax:
● declaration, calculation and payment of customs duties.
● Adjust the wrong tax.
● Please exemption.
● Please refund.
● Please do not collect taxes.

Service on the handling of violations in the field of Customs:
● Legal Advice.
● Consult explanation.
● Consult handling measures.

Customs services in the form of Export:
● Customs Service under the type of business.
● Customs Service in the form of tax-free investment.
● Customs Service under the type of business investment.
● Customs Service in the form of temporary import – re-export.
● Customs Service in the form of export production.
● Customs Service in the form of outsourcing.
● Customs Service in the form of reciprocal import-export.
● Customs Service by type of entry and processing.
● Customs Service under the non-commercial type.

Customs service package:
● Customs package in the form of services.
● Customs package in the form of Customs Agents.