Warehousing & Distribution

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With warehousing systems hundreds of thousands of square meters, the planning system has 22 warehouses were built according to modern architecture, proper storage of goods varied according to international standards, in areas belonging to Long Binh General Store area of ​​Bien Hoa, Dong Nai. LBL is ready to meet all the needs of customers in warehousing, transportation and distribution of goods through transportation systems nationwide.

LBL provides storage and export packing required by all customers at home and abroad. Our services include arrangement and closed draw outlet for all kinds of containers, including containers Special: Open Top, Flat Rack. Ensure safety of goods with many different categories.

Types of Storage – Beach:
● Warehouse / bonded Beach.
● Warehouse / Inland Beach.
● warehouse / CFS Beach.
● Store in cool, cold storage.
● Storage of dangerous goods.
● Showroom.
● Rentins serving auxiliary industry.

● Dock levelers
● System-modern.
● Racking System standard.
● CCTV camera system.
● Manage software reported separately.
● automatic explosion prevention system, Smoke-detector.
● Office work in the warehouse.

Storage services – Beach include:
● Manage Export – Import.
● Cargo handling.
● Packaging.
● Inventory management & reporting merchandise inventory.
● Tally.
● Distribution.
● Customs procedures.
● Transport …