Road transport

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Road transport is the inseparable from the supply chain logistics services other. LBL supply transport services scheduled flights groupage and rent. We set up a professional transport team, active on all routes. Offering flexible transport solutions, with flexible plans, in order to achieve maximum efficiency.

Freight is no stranger to everyone, with the business. The birth of hundreds of freight companies, the process of circulation of goods between the regions in the country is becoming more easily. However, if you do not choose to be a transport unit reliably, ensuring standards for vehicles transporting various goods, it is unlikely you will be transported secure, fast and convenient Best.

With a large number of public vehicles and trailers guarantee can serve dozens of daily transportation. Especially we have tourist vehicles daily feeder services ensure small orders be delivered with the fastest time on time and requirements of our customers. A consignment was shipped quickly, reliably and safely make production lines operate efficiently create business reputation of individuals you to the partners.

With a staff of trained professional, enthusiastic, energetic and responsible and is a reliable partner in the long term for everyone. Besides the team drivers have long experience in transport, familiar terrain all provinces and cities nationwide. We believe that will bring you customers freight services perfectly. Customers will feel truly secure when using our transportation services. Customer satisfaction is the expression of faith and our most prestigious.

Trucking services include:
● Loading and ordering goods.
● Logistic transport package.
● Freight super, super-heavy, bulk and special.
● Transport of household appliances and personal property.
● Transportation of goods in transit.
● Transportation of goods temporarily imported for re-export and temporary import for re-export.
● Storage and distribution of goods.

Goods distribution and transportation of LBL:
● Send Goods transplant, bulk, small.
● goods Fabrics, Footwear.
● industrial products, agriculture.
● Item mechanical, machine types.
● Garments, export.
● Furnishing houses, buildings.
● Items automotive parts, motorcycles.
● Customers include vehicles, bulky, large load.
● chemistry kinds.
● Item producer, consumer, cosmetics.
● The Paper packaging products, Carton.
● Item fragile, perishable.